Saturday, May 19, 2007

DVD Collection

At work today, a couple came in to inquire about insurance because they'd recently been robbed. They lost their entire DVD and CD collection. I don't know how much that actually would have amounted to in their household, but in ours, it's easily thousands of dollars worth of movies and music. 

Because I'm such a type A personality, figuring out what went missing wouldn't be too difficult. I use an program called DVD Profiler. They just updated to a 3.0 version distributed through Invelos software. The program is great as it allows you to keep track of your collection by entering the code on the back. You can also enter it by title if you can't read the code or it isn't found. There are a whole lot of features in the program. Many of them are only available if you buy a license for about $30. The features that I enjoy and use are all included with the free version though: keeping your collection online (see my link under: Things I like to look at), keeping track of who has borrowed your movies, generating a wish list of movies you'd like to get, and keeping track of where you purchased the movie and how much you paid. Ok, I'll stop sounding like an advertisement for them.

As for CDs, we actually have encoded most of our collection to computer. And, it would be quite easy to tell which of our encoded files are CDs we actually own and which are borrowed, since that is part of our filing criteria. The only catch would be in a fire, all those files are stored locally in the same place as the original CDs are. Ok, now I need to stop sounding like an insurance dweeb!

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Kim said...

I like that as a possible nickname for you . . . insurance dweeb :-p