Monday, April 23, 2007

New Fitness Goals

Today I started the Women's Health Ultimate Fitness Plan for 2007. I took the fitness test and was a bit surprised by some of my results. They test you in 5 areas: Cardio, Strength (upper and lower body), Balance, Flexibility, and Agility. Based on your results, you fall into one of three categories: Aspiring, Solid, or Strong. I expected my Cardio to be Solid along with my Lower Body Strength. I thought I'd probably be aspiring in Flexibility, Agility, and Balance though. What I ended up with was a solid score for Cardio, Balance, Flexibility, and Upper Body Strength, with aspiring for Lower Body Strength and Agility. Go figure!

Since I love data tracking, I've already made new tracking graphs. These will only get updated once every two weeks instead of once a week. But, there are more graphs to look at. I kept them small this week because there isn't much to see yet. My goal for each of the categories is to get to the 'Strong' level.

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