Saturday, April 14, 2007

I like motorbike people

My job involves selling people what is basically a promise. It isn't exciting or sexy. They can't really hold it or see it. It never really comes up until there is a problem. And, it's expensive. Sometimes, it costs as much as the vehicle that they are insuring. So, a lot of people don't like to come and see us and it's a challenge to try to make the transaction a pleasant one. There is an exception to this though: motorbike people.

Chances are, if you've got a motorbike in BC, it isn't your primary vehicle. It's your 'fun' vehicle. It may be expensive to insure, but when you do get to come and insure us, it means you get to go out and have some fun. When they see us, they are about to go out and RIDE, so they are excited and in a good mood. They are officially on my list of "Happy People."

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