Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sun Run Training - Week 7

Well, we've passed the halfway point and I've finally managed to get another good training week in.

You can see the gap between reported sessions on the graph and I'm happy that my time off didn't seem to have a major impact. I didn't gain any, but I didn't lose any either. You'll also notice that I lowered that goal of mine to just 10 kph. It looks a lot closer to where I'm currently at. I've been at a bit of a plateau lately but hopefully I'll be able to see a bit more improvement in the last 5 weeks of training.


Air said...

Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog.

How did you find it??

Jenn said...

Been listening to lipgloss and laptops for a while and managed to find your and KAs personal blogs too. Been reading for a while, but I guess this is the first time I've commented on something. I really enjoy some of the topics you deal with on your personal blog as it gives me food for thought (and I love the new template too - very spring!).