Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sun Run Training - Week 5

Well, you'll notice that there isn't any fancy chart for this week, and my update isn't even on time. I hit a bit of a bump in my training last week. The whole time I've been running, I've been noticing that my legs feel fatigued quite easily. This week I guess I hit my limit because during one of the training sessions, my right foot started to hurt quite badly, right in the middle of the foot in the centre of the arch. So, I slowed it down. The next time I tried running, I had major shin splints. I slowed it down to a walk and it took almost the whole session of walking for my legs to feel ok.

After doing a bit of online research on it (which I'm too lazy to look up and link to right now), it looks like I my be starting to get falling arches. I'm guessing it's probably because of the high-impact kickboxing activity combined with runners that are definitely due for retirement.

I've still been training, although I've dialed it back majorly so I avoid aggravating my feet/ankles/shins any more. I've also started doing some strengthening exercises on alternating days. This morning I went for a short run and they felt ok. I think new shoes will definitely help.

So, I'll still be training, but I'll probably be aiming to complete the race in just under an hour instead of the original 49 minutes I had hoped for. That's ok though since the 49 minutes was my secondary goal. I figured I might as well aim for something a bit more impressive than a 5 minute improvement on last year's time.

My new shoes probably won't be purchased until March, since I don't have enough February allowance left-over right now for shoes (I do have allowance left over to get myself a new MAC eyeshadow though).

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