Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gong Hey Fat Choy

So, I'm really not sure if I spelled that right or not, but I guess it's the spirit that counts.

Today the mall I work at had a bunch of Chinese New Year festivities going on. I'm pretty sure it was brought about largely due to TnT Supermarket. They had a bunch of different things including a traditional Lion Dance.

A few weeks ago they sent around a memo explaining what would happen and giving the mall merchants a chance to sign up and receive a blessing from the Lion. One of my co-workers, Yvonne, is Chinese and enjoys these types of things, so she asked the boss if it would be ok. He readily agreed and even said we could use office money for the lucky money envelope that the Lion eats.

So, today the Lion came and blessed our office. We hung up some lettuce and a lucky red envelope and the Lion came up and ate it. He spat out the lettuce at us, which is supposed to be good luck.

Kim was here for a Saturday visit and she and Yvonne took some pictures with their camera phones, so hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon. In the meantime, even though the caption says dragon, this is pretty much what it looked like.

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Kim said...

Hehehehehe . . . I posted on this a few minutes ago too, except without all the geat links you added. I do have a picture though. Did you get the pictures I e-mailed you yet? I spent the walk home sending the pictures from my phone to my e-mail :-)