Saturday, February 24, 2007


Just checked online and the marks are posted. I didn't score as high as I would have liked to have, but I still managed a respectable 84%.

I don't think I ever posted about how the exam day went, so I'll tell you a bit about it now.

It was on Valentine's Day, which wasn't too bad since I didn't have any big romantic getaway plans or anything like that. The exam was at SFU's Harbour Centre campus. I went there for my CAIB 2 exam, but didn't really remember exactly which way I went. But, I knew roughly where to go and figured that it was on a major street in Vancouver, so if I asked someone downtown, they'd at least be able to tell me whether or not I was headed in the right direction. Well, I was wrong about that and had to ask 4 different people before one of them was 'pretty sure' I was going in the right direction. I wasn't asking touristy people either. I picked people who looked like residents on their way to errands/work. I'm glad I'm not the only directionally challenged though. Now I don't feel so bad about not being certain where things are in Surrey or Langley.

Our exam was down a hallway and we had to pass by another group that was having a big breakfast buffet meeting. That was kinda cruel. But, I had brought snacks with me so the aromas of fresh bread, maple syrup, etc. weren't too bad for me.

As I was leaving the exam and walking down the hall I happened to spot a girl who I chatted briefly with at the last exam in December. At the time we had both been writing CAIB 3. Anyway, as I was walking past her she started to say something to me which I couldn't hear clearly except for " . . . CAIB 3?" So I replied that I had written that one in December and had just finished my CAIB 1 exam. Then, she proceeded to ask me for the answers to a bunch of questions on the CAIB 3 exam that she was trying to re-write. I couldn't believe her nerve! Anyway, I told her that I "forgot" all about that. I wonder if she ended up passing on her second try.

Next on the Insurance education plan is CAIB 4. I'd like to finish that one this year so that I'm done my CAIB designation. That one is more about the management end of things as well. I might order the book in spring but not take the exam until fall to give me more time to study the material. The format of the exam is a bit different as well, but I think that will actually help me since it's more 'artsy' and fewer multiple guess questions. I may also see if I can manage to take one of the discussion groups too, since that is supposed to help. The only problem with that would be that they are often in Vancouver but they don't say where until you've actually signed up, and I'd have to figure out how to get there.

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Kim said...

Yeah for the good exam mark! Yeah for potentially finishing your CAIB designation this year :-)