Friday, December 22, 2006

My Umbrella has a Name

Pylon is its name and I will call it Pylon.

I have chosen this name for my new umbrella for several reasons.

First, when I spend nearly $30 on an umbrella, I feel it deserves a bit more distinction than simply being an un-named utility object. Also, it's a pretty nice umbrella that seems to be fairly well-made (although, I think I said that about the last one too, and see how long that one lasted!). Now, my umbrella isn't special enough to warrant giving it its own seat on the bus like some people I've seen, but it's special enough for a name.

The second reason I chose to give Pylon its name is because it is roughly the same colour as a traffic pylon. Yup, it's a nice incredibly bright orange colour. Since I was nearly run over by a car recently during a dark and stormy evening, I thought something a bit more visible would be appropriate. Hot pink was not really an option, so I opted for orange.

Pylon is Italian designed and has an unlimited warranty according to the tag. (I have not yet been able to locate any meaningful information about this warranty, but the mention of it is somewhat comforting.) The handle is a bit small but comfortable to grip. It folds up small enough to fit in my huge purse. It's bright enough to see in the bottom of my huge purse. It even has an automatic open button, a feature I don't usually go for in fear of accidental untimely umbrella-opening incidents. The part that you grab to pull the umbrella down is much nicer than my last one, which took a small chunk of skin out of my thumb one evening as I arrived home.

Pylon has been through some introductory tests consisting of a bit of light rain and some slight breezes. It performed remarkably well on these initial tests but we'll see how it fares through the rest of our (never ending) rainy season.

I'd post a picture right now, but I'm at work and since I don't have a SmartPhone which would allow me to take a picture and upload it instantaneously, you'll just have to wait until you see me on a rainy day (which will no longer be difficult to manage with the bright umbrella I'll be carrying) to actually see what Pylon looks like.

(Can you guess what big ticket item is mentioned in my letter to Santa this year?)

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Kim said...

You're weird. But the good kind of weird, not the creepy kind of weird. But yeah, still weird.