Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Pictures

I have no pictures to post. None of our new chandelier and none of the snowy landscape.

I was going to try to post a few of the snowy neighbourhood, but forgot to take my camera out with me yesterday. It was just as well though. I fell a few times, and I'd hate to think of what damage could have been done to the digital. If I get everything finished today and think of it, maybe I'll just take a couple of shots from my front door or window or something.

I also promised to post pictures of our new chandelier since we were bound and determined to install it by Sunday. Well, things took a bit longer than we thought it would. We had to swing by Home Depot in order to pick up some light bulbs for it. We were originally going to order it online and get bulbs along with it. However, we ended up ordering from an actual store and totally forgot about the bulbs until Saturday evening. So, that delayed things a bit, especially with the snowy road conditions! Then there was the actual installation. I was going to do most of it, since I'd thoroughly read the instructions for all the wiring bits. But, we don't have a ladder. I was just going to stand on the dining table. Unfortunately, genetics just weren't on our side with this one and I would've been stretching on tippy-toes. So, Lance did most of the hard work with his arms above his head. But, then I had to tell him how to do things as best as I could. And, of course, instructions are never quite complete. Plus, we had to trim wires and strip them, and we don't have wire strippers. So, there was quite a bit of time spent carefully peeling wires with numb fingers.

Anyway, we got everything wired and even installed a dimmer switch AND got the wires and dimmer to fit into the wall (a lot harder than it sounds!) and just had to hang a second hook from the ceiling to correctly position the chandelier. The hook I bought, didn't quite fit right with the screws we had. So, we used the old hook and screw with the new ceiling anchor. Well, we got it all hung up, but didn't really trust the integrity of the screw. Because the ceiling is so thick, most of the screw wasn't really threaded inside the hook or the anchor. So, we let it hang there for a while with a few ominous noises happening and then we took it down again. So, as soon as we get another darned ceiling anchor and hook, we'll actually have it hanging up, instead of just sitting on our dining room table. Hopefully I can pick up the hardware tomorrow and then it should just take a few minutes to get it finally hung. It looks really great though! It's going to be fabulous having that much light in the room too!

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Kim said...

Wow, sounds like the light turned into quite the project! I liked the part where you said you weren't genetically blessed in the height department - funny!