Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kickboxing Final Lesson

Last Sunday was our final kick boxing class. Well, final for that session. We're going to take the next session in January '07.

Because of the snow, our instructor was half an hour late (which is a lot when you consider it's only an hour long class) and there were only four students there. But, it made for an intense class.

I learned a couple new kicks. Side kicks had been taught during the one class that I missed, so I got to learn those. They feel a bit awkward, but I'm sure I'll get more used to them as I practice more. The other kick was a spinning side kick. It looks cool! It's pretty fun to do too.

I have to say that after all the practice with the giant padded shields, it's kind of tempting to add it to our fitness equipment at home. There's something very satisfying about performing push kicks or roundhouse kicks against a moving target that provides real resistance. Much more intense than just kicking the air.

On the nearly two month hiatus, we're going to continue with the core performance workout too. But, I think I'll probably add in a bit of extra cardio work on Sundays. Just a half hour jog in the morning would be nice I think.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We got certificates for the kick boxing class too!

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