Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lame Excuses for Not Blogging Lately

I meant to blog, I really did. Here are my lame excuses why I couldn't.

1) Been too busy.

2) Been working.

3) Didn't have power at home because of the storm.

4) Was going to post more from work, but I kept getting interrupted by people. Then I was going to do one about the boil water advisory, but then the advisory got lifted for my area make the post moot.

5) The dog ate my blog. Really! It did!

Anyway, just back from kickboxing and the second storm looks like it's here to do some more damage. As an insurance broker I keep analyzing everything according to what hazards are there. If I see some damage on the way somewhere I think, "gee, I hope we don't insure them!"

I'm thankful I don't have small kids that had to be kept fed and warm during the power outage. I'm also thankful that we had plenty of water set aside before the advisory. However, I just added another 2L pop bottle to the freezer. Not only can it be defrosted for clean drinking water, it also helps to insulate the freezer helping frozen food last longer when the power does go out. I'm also considering getting an emergency radio too.


Kim said...

The dog ate your blog? I've known you for 26 years . . . I know you could come up with a better excuse than that! How about aliens sucked the ideas for blog posts right out of your head? That sounds much more realistic!

Kim said...

By the way, I saw a Coroner's vehicle outside your mall today, along with some police cars.

Kim said...

I'm 99% sure they were there as part of a movie/tv show they seem to be filming right outside the mall.