Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is frightful . . .

So we are feeling the full force of a storm right now. And, despite the fact that many local businesses are out of power, we are still going. >P Many people seem to be wandering the mall here simply because they have nothing to do in a dark and cold house right now. The food court seems to be doing pretty darn well for today.

From a work standpoint, it's a hard day since a lot of what we're dealing with are tails of hardship from our clients. Imagine having part of your roof blow off. Or having a tree fall in your driveway, which prevents you from moving your other vehicles out of harms way. Then you get to watch as a couple more trees fall on your trailer. But, at least part of what I get to do is give people a little bit of peace of mind and get them in touch with people who can actually help.

From a personal standpoint, I'm sure glad I live on the top of hill! I'm also quite happy to be taking public transit. Instead of sitting bored in my car inching through 4 way stop procedures and worrying about the car behind me hydroplaning, I'll be able to sit on a heated bus and play some video games or listen to my walkman and take a nap. I'm also very thankful that my husband is a traditionalist when it comes to alarm clocks so that we'll have something to wake us up if the power outages continue.

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