Thursday, October 19, 2006

Colour me impressed!

The End is here! I had to read the email notification several times to be certain. Here's what it says . . .

The following item(s) will be held for you at the location(s) under each title.
Item(s) will be held until the date(s) shown. You need to bring the same library
card used to place the hold in order to check out the held item.

The end / 39090023194448

Whalley Library 28/10/2006

I checked the catalogue page and there were 6 pages of records for the book, so I'm guessing they anticipated the high demand and ordered A LOT! So, even though I was #70 something, I'm still getting my hands on the book a mere week after it's been released. How cool is that? My library has my compliments on their service!


Kim said...

As I taught my students to say yesterday, "sweet!" Can I assume there will be a review on here when you're done?

Jenn said...

Yes, I will do a review when I am done. I am going to have to pause my current library book (which I am greatly enjoying) in order to read this one. I'd like to get it finished by Sunday, so I can return it to the library when I'm in the area for kickboxing. But, I realized that I'm driving to and from work on Saturday, so I'll be missing out on all that reading time I normally get on the bus (actually, I usually either drive, or am driven on Saturdays and don't read either way). But, it's quite likely I'll be staying up late and getting up early Sunday morning to finish it off. Otherwise, I'll be making a trip to the library on Monday for certain!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that great? I was number 89 on the list one day and then the next day I got an email saying it was in!