Thursday, September 07, 2006

Long Weekend - Science World Pictures

So, it's almost a week after the long weekend, and I thought it was about time I posted about the highlights.

We both worked Saturday but went to Science World Sunday morning (after working on our garage). We were very excited to see the Lego exhibit there. Here are a few of the photo highlights . . .

Science World 04-09-2006 5-05-08 PM

We got to Science World just as a dragon boat was being launched at the little harbour there.

Science World 04-09-2006 5-05-01 PM

It reminded me how cool it would be to try that. Or at least watch the annual Dragon Boat Race that happens every year here.

We were testing who could jump higher.

Science World 04-09-2006 5-05-34 PM

Science World 04-09-2006 5-05-22 PM

As you can plainly see, Lance won by a longshot. I think it was something to do with him turning invisible at the same time.

My favourite picture from the lego exhibit . . .

Science World 04-09-2006 5-06-35 PM

And, my husband on a frog . . .

Science World 04-09-2006 5-07-30 PM

If you want to see more pictures, then check out my flickr account.

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