Friday, September 08, 2006

Birthday Haul

Ok, so since I did recently have my birthday, and got some AWESOME stuff, I thought I'd do a quick post to express my gratitude.

Lance and I decided our birthday presents to each other would be tickets to Phantom of the Opera. It worked out well since our birthdays are two weeks apart and Phantom was here right at that time. We also took my sister Kim for her birthday. I really enjoyed the experience. I love seeing live theatre performances!

From my sister I got a new Nintendo DS game - Big Brain Academy. Unfortunately, my brain is very light right now. I must find more time to play so I can put on a few brain pounds. I also got a very nice copy of "The Secret World of Og." It's a classic children's book that I have vague memories of from childhood. I'm looking forward to reading it again. Not sure when that will be since I don't like cramming my nice books into my work bag and the bus ride to and from work seems to be all the reading time I can afford lately. Well, maybe now that I'm down to one job I'll have a bit more time on my hands . . . *laughter*

My favourite gift this year has to be from my mom though. First of all, she and my step-dad hit a home run by getting Lance a bottle of Scotch for his birthday. His Cardhu supply was running low and now he's got a nice big bottle of Glen Livvet (or Fiddich - I can't remember which) to work on. He keeps trying to get me to like scotch. But, as I explained to him last weekend, he really shouldn't try. If I start to like it then he'll have serious competition for drinking it!

Anyway, my mom and step-dad also brought me a bottle of Pure Turquoise perfume by Ralph Lauren. My other two main perfumes are getting a bit on the low side lately, so the timing couldn't be better! I love the simple shape of the bottle. I wish I could display it somewhere, but light is a big no-no for perfume. So, it's safely tucked away in my drawer in the bathroom. I absolutely love the smell. It's like spraying on a little bit of heaven every morning!

I think I've got one more gift coming from some friends of mine. I'm looking forward to this one too since these particular people always choose interesting and thoughtful things. Plus, they are pretty creative, so I look forward to seeing what it is.

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