Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend of Treasures

So, over the weekend, my sister, step-sister, step-mom, and I all went down to Oregon to visit the grandparents.  We had a fabulous time.  In addition to a few days of much needed R&R via napping, reading, a walk and some warm weather, we also got to look for treasures among some of their extra stuff, and get caught up with an aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins that came out on Sunday. 

Some tools, jewelry, a handheld sewing machine, rubiks cubes, and an assortment of books (including a D&D colouring book and some star trek ones - go figure!) were among the treasures I brought home.  Some of them belonged to my grandfather's brother, whose health is failing.  I think a few things also belonged to grandma and grandpa.  They are looking to move and don't want to take absolutely everything along with them.

Another one of the treasures from the weekend was a recipe that got passed along from one of the cousins.  It's a recipe for pesto and I made it tonight.  Ok, you can close your mouth now.  I know it must have dropped open from the shocking thought of me making something as complex sounding as pesto.  But, really, it's quite simple.  Just a bit time consuming is all.  The basil for the recipe came from grandma's fabulous garden.  I'd love to have a garden like theirs one day, along with the time to harvest and preserve all that food.  The next time I make the pesto I think I'll do it a bit differently, so it isn't as intense on my blender though!  Maybe some hand mixing until the final combination of ingredients.  We'll see.  It looks really yummy so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Finally, the best treasure of all from the weekend was inspiration.  I always feel creatively charged after spending time with these family members.  My grandma, step-mom, and step-sister all quilt and do wonderful knitting and crocheting as well.  It's something I'd like to have more practice with.  It's very satisfying to work with your hands and create things that are magnificently filled with such love and caring for your friends and family.


Kim said...

The pesto sounds good. Enjoy!

Jenn said...

The pesto was fabulous! Next time, I'll need to adjust the ratio of basil to oil since it was much oilier than we like it to be. But, still yummy and still lots more to use.

Someone also emailed me asking about the handheld sewing machine. I'm going to try to take a picture with my digital camera and upload it.