Thursday, August 03, 2006

Serendipitous Wednesday

I don't know if I just made up a new word or simply spelled an existing word wrong.

Yesterday was a really wonderful day! It was one of those days where pretty much everything you do works out well.

It started with a very good meeting with someone at the bank. Actually, it started a bit before that when I got up early and started the laundry before I left. I managed to wash and dry two loads and get one of them put away. I don't feel bad about the second one because it was almost entirely socks, underwear, and towels, and we don't care if those are a bit wrinkly.

I also managed to get many errands done. I picked up more of my favourite cereal, snacks for our upcoming trip to Oregon, a new conditioner to try, and a few other things too. I decided to hold off buying a new foundation at the drugstore and grocery store, just to find it $4 cheaper on sale at Zellers!

Plus, we did not win the lottory. Along with many other people, this is quite a common occurrence. However, in this case it is noteworthy because we've been on a scratch-and-win cycle since our wedding. In one of the gifts was a couple of lottory tickets ("Set For Life"). One of them won another ticket. So, we redeemed it for another ticket and we won . . . another ticket. So, we redeemed it for another ticket and we won . . . another ticket. You get the idea. I don't often go to the lottory booth, so the ticket kicking around in my purse for days and weeks was rather annoying to me. Now, I don't have to worry about swinging by the lotto booth to pick up another ticket.

Another cool thing about yesterday is that the arrangements for a Bridal Shower worked out perfectly. I got the invitation, and I really wanted to go. It was on a Sunday so there were no work conflicts. But, it was in Richmond. Now, I am a driving wimp still. I'll drive in Surrey where I'm familiar with the roads and all that. But, the idea of driving in Richmond or Vancouver really freaks me out. So, I was going to see if taking the bus would work out. Then I get an email from a friend who asks if I'm going and to see if I want to carpool! How perfect is that! So, we'll go together and she'll drive there and back. Now I don't have to worry about it.

One last thing in my blog before I go get ready for work (in far too little time since I slept in). I have a birthday present for my sister. It's a good one. That's all I can say since she does read this blog. Hee hee hee!

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Kim said...

I am reading the blog. I always read the blog. In case you didn't know, I read it every day. Sometimes twice a day. I am a blog addict and PROUD OF IT! It's going to be my birthday really soon :-)