Thursday, August 17, 2006

Star Trek Websites

With all the blogs I've been reading lately, it's been kinda hard not to find a whole bunch of cool stuff online. Normally, I'm reading tips, hacks, and recommendations morning, noon, and night. (Shhh! Don't tell my boss!) Today, started out kind of slow, until I got an email from my friend 'She-Ra.' She had a link to a website that has made some hilarious "motivational" Star Trek posters. You kind of have to know the different episodes to find some of them funny. The James T. Kirk one is my personal favourite. From there, I got a link to 5-minute star trek. A site that does a parody script for episodes of the original series. But, it turns out, there is a '5-minute' site for every Star Trek series! If you are at all a trekkie or trekker, check them out and you'll definitely get a laugh! My favourite series are already linked in my

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Kim said...

loved, Loved, LOVED the motivational posters! Definitely going to check out the other Trek websites you mentioned.