Saturday, July 29, 2006

Spidey and me have to have a talk

Ok, so this morning, I was on the ball (well, a little bit) and I grabbed my camera to bring to work.  Spidey was trying all day yesterday to build another web.  Got a few started between my computer monitor and the flowers.  Even tried to incorporate my coffee mug once.  But, she wasn't having much luck. 
This morning I fully expected to find another beautiful web stretched between the two desks.  So, I walked in and carefully started scrutinizing that general area.  But, much to my disappointment I did not see a recreation of yesterday's beautiful web.  So, I finally resign myself to the fact that I wasn't going to see one and start putting my things away and turning on the office.  Maybe the spider gave up, or maybe we don't have enough flies for it to eat.
Then I get to the part behind my desk.  I'm going to check the date stamp and make sure everything is put away.  Then it happens.  I hear that spine-tingling whisper of a crackle and feel the sticky gossamer catch my hair.  Apparently the spider, frustrated by her first location, picked a grander locale and had strung up a web behind the desks attaching to the cupboards above our filing cabinets.  It was just high enough for me not to see it, but walk right into it with the top of my head. 
After my initial gasp and panicky reaction that swept the spider off of me ('cause yes, she did land on my head - the first day all week I've carefully styled my hair too!) I took a couple of deep breaths and realized that I thwarted myself out of a good web picture AGAIN!  I picked up spidey and relocated her on my co-worker's desk (again - I did this yesterday too, except when the manager changed the flowers I guess the spider cleverly hung onto the vase, which my manager inadvertenly switched, bringing the spider back to me).
So, no permanent damage to me, but another beautiful web destroyed.  I didn't get to see this one so I'll just have the tactile memory to hang on to.  Unfortunately, the feeling of walking through a web isn't quite as pleasant as seeing one.

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Kim said...

Hehehehehe - poor spider and poor you! By the end of this spider saga you'll have a tactile memory of the web . . . and let's hope not an accidental taste memory of the web ;-)