Friday, July 28, 2006

Spider Story

This morning I saw the most amazing thing.  I wished that I had my camera with me so I could have documented it and shared a picture.  But, I took it out of my bag last night (d'oh!).
When I arrived at work this morning I walked in the door and was going to immediately rearrange the chairs in our office.  When only one person works in the evening, it's quite common for clients to slide the chair in front of my desk to the other one.  So, I was going to put the chairs back in their proper places again when I noticed something extraordinary.  Apparently, the little spider had been inspired by the work ethic in our office and had also been hard at work overnight.  Stretched across the gap between two desks that leads to the managers office and our lunch room/other office was the most exquisite spider's web with a little spider sitting right in the middle.  I can only guess that he hitched a ride in on the fresh flowers that our manager delivers weekly from his garden.
The web was gorgeous!  I wish I could share what it looked like, but, alas! no camera.  I normally would have been happy to let the spider be.  But, since he was blocking the main traffic area, I knew it would have to be destroyed.  So, spider is now happily relocated onto a bunch of flowers on my co-worker's desk ;) and the web is just a memory shared between her and me.

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Kim said...

That's a neat story. I like how you wrote the ending too . . . "a sweet memory between her and me" sounds so pretty!