Wednesday, June 07, 2006

LFAS Reunion Pics Part 3

This is a picture of the Rasmussen family! The baby is about 2 months old. He was born about 3 days after Lance and I got married. They were one of the only people from this grad class with kids!

Here's a picture of Lance and Mike (one of the reunion planners) speaking with the only teacher who showed up. He was a pretty cool teacher when they were in high school. Apparently the fine arts school was one of his first teaching jobs, so he was young and cool. He also remembers Lance's little brother Ross taunting him when Ross was in grade 8. Apparently the art teacher asked him (the teacher) to model for her students. (His shaved head was in some way remarkable). It was pretty boring to sit absolutely still for two hours though. Lance's little brother Ross would sit in front of him and fall asleep making it even more difficult for him to stay awake.
Some dancing pictures . . . Notice I'm not in any of them :(
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