Wednesday, June 07, 2006

LFAS Reunion Pics Part 2

Yay! I figured out how to post many pictures in one blog entry! This will be much faster now. Ok, the guy in this picture is included here not because he was a friend of my husband in high school. In fact, it took most people my husband knew a half an hour or so, to figure out who the hell he was. (And that's saying something from a class of 47 people). Anyway, he's included here because he reminds me of one of my former co-workers. If those of you who work with me can't figure it out, well . . . you didn't see him on the dance floor.

Ok, the gentleman below who is hitting on the server is Aaron. He showed up quite drunk, proceded to get even more drunk, and his plan was to go home and drink even more afterwards. He was one of the few people there who really got smashed or did anything remotely embarassing.

This gentleman is Dennis. He was a pretty cool guy. He just returned from spending 8 years in Costa Rica! I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him about what he did there, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy. He gave one of the only speeches and narrated the slide show of embarassing pictures.

This group picture is of the people who all went to the same elementary school before going to the fine arts school. My hubby is the one on the far left. Then we see Rob, Kevin, Ben, Holly, and Kirsten (not sure about the girls names - we don't keep in touch with anyone other than the first two guys, and Ben is hard to forget).

Hmmm, ok I thought there were more photos, but maybe there is a limit per post. It looks like I'll have to do another post. Posted by Picasa

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Kim said...

Great pictures! Remarkable similarities to the former coworker . . . and makes me really miss said coworker!