Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Computer Peek-a-Boo

Today I'm working at the ESL school, but because most of the other staff are having a spring break, I'm not working in my usual office.  Instead I'm using one of the staff room computers.  The room is warmer and the other 5 employees here this week are all in this area, so it's not so lonely.

Normally, using someone else's computer isn't an interesting experience, but this time it is.  I picked the computer based on how well I guessed it worked (some are pretty crappy and unreliable).  I was very pleased to see that the staff member who usually uses this computer knows enough to set it up to his liking.  I'm not just talking about putting the desktop icons in different spots or changing his desktop wallpaper either.  He actually has changed toolbar layouts and customized some of his programs.  Using his computer is a bit like taking a vacation and visiting another culture.

I probably only notice because I've been thinking a lot about organization and productivity lately.  In setting up the townhouse, I've really been trying to get rid of unnecessary junk and reduce clutter.  You'd think moving from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom townhouse that this wouldn't be challenging, but it is!  It's not that we can't fit it in, it's that we are sometimes lacking necessary infrastructure to set it up efficiently or set it up to our liking.

I probably also notice because my home computer is starting to get very unique in its set up.  I haven't fully organized it, but I use alternate web browsers, word processors, and have a number of nifty free programs installed on it.  Plus, there's my recent conversion to a completely clean computer desktop!  Yup, no icons on it.  Not even one! 

Ok, I guess this is enough work-time wasted.  I should actually do what I'm supposed to be doing now.  Oh, and my letter post is (hopefully) going to be up tomorrow, since I have my morning off.

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Kim said...

Okay, so I'm so telling Al you used (and liked) his computer for two days in a row. Also, I thought you were working the whole time today (except for when you were checking your e-mail)! What was I doing when you were typing this post?! Lastly, how can you have a desktop that's completely icon free? Don't you find that annoying?