Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vancouver Sun Run

Wow! Today was the Vancouver Sun Run 10km run and it was AWESOME! The event itself is huge - this year, over 50,000 people signed up to walk/run the 10km. It takes place in the streets of Vancouver, a beautiful city. This year, we actually had some gorgeous sunshiny spring weather too!

Lance and I started out training a few months ago with a lot of drive and determination. Well, then things happened. Like a back injury, moving house, getting married, and going on vacation. So, the last month of training was non-existant really. In fact, Friday was the first time in a month that I'd been on the treadmill. I wasn't expecting much more than running the whole thing. For time, I was expecting to be around one hour fifteen minutes or up to an hour and a half.

Boy did I ever blow my expectations away! Of course, the results aren't official (look for the official ones in the Vancouver Sun on the 24th, posted online on the 25th), but by my stopwatch, my time was about an hour and five minutes! That's faster than my treadmill time when I was training! I'm so proud of myself, I feel great! I can't wait to try my next 10km race.

One of the things I loved about the run was the scenery changed as you ran. Vancouver is a very nice city to look at. Plus, there were a lot of people actually participating, not to mention the people on the sidelines out to support the runners, and the entertainment tents set up with musical groups.

One of the things I didn't like so much, was running on the road is definitely quite hard on the joints. My left knee is aching a bit. It isn't as bad as I thought it could be, but I don't think I could handle running on the road all the time. However, I've heard that tracks can be pretty good to run on, so maybe I'll try to find a local one to run on every once in a while.

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