Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Busy-ness Multiplies

Well, just when I thought I couldn't be any busier,
Lance hurts his back at hockey. So, now he can't
really help out much around the house, cook dinner, or
bring home groceries, which are all things he usually
took care of. So, now I get to work on that stuff as
well. Plus, to compound matters, our computers got
moved to his parents house for his Stag/LAN party. We
decided to leave them there for the time being, and
Lance planned to pick them up one day after work.
However, since he took a day off work, and is not in
any means to carry around computer monitors or towers,
they are staying in Langley for the time being.

I'm just at a computer in Lance's office filling some
time before our mortgage meeting today. I have had a
very productive day so far though. I did my laundry
(I was out of work socks), went to the dentist and got
a filling fixed, picked up some drugstore stuff
(although they didn't have a couple things, so I'll
still be going back again), and now I'll be setting up
a mortgage before putting in a four hour shift at my

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