Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Crusty Day

I'm feeling particularly crusty today. My psoriasis
seems dry and hard and itchy and flaky! Yeuch! I'm
doing my best not to scratch, pick, or peel it but
it's proving to be very difficult.

I also have a big papule zit on my cheek. I don't get
them very often and they are very difficult to hide or
do anything with. You can't even really pop them.
So, I'm just feeling like a bit of a wreck today.

I'd love to go home, wash off all my makeup, do a good
scritching treatment for my itchy flaky scalp and just
veg out with some tasty food and a good movie for the

This weekend we get to continue the registry process
for the wedding and I'm going to get my makeup done at
MAC and see about getting some nice stuff for the

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