Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Alternate Career Path

I just went to the staffroom to get a simple photocopy of a document, and ended up spending half an hour fixing the photocopier.  I think I may have an alternate career path in photocopier troubleshooting and maintenance.  I seem to have a gift for unjamming paper jams, clearing the internal pathways, replacing parts, and reloading the staples too.  I can decode error messages and those technical pictographs used in manuals. 


Kim said...

You are a genius ;-) I think you should start a photocopier troubleshooting business. You can be one of those people that goes around and fixes the copier when Xerox can't come. You could charge a lot of money and call yourself a member of the Copier Nerd Herd, or something like that ;-)

Jenn said...

Hmmmm, maybe what I should do is try to combine my love for meteorology and photocopier maintenance. I mean, how many photocopier repair technicians are there who could also provide you with a detailed five-day forecast and weather analysis???