Saturday, December 17, 2005



Can you tell I'm a little bit excited this year?

The latest weather forecast calls for 10 solid days of rain, starting on about Tuesday.

I'm not really concerned about the weather at Christmas. If any of you have heard the Bare Naked Ladies Song "Green Christmas" I feel similar sentiments. My Christmas will be "White" because I get to spend it with people I care about. It doesn't matter what the weather is actually doing.

But, I do have a strange fascination with long term weather reports. I check daily. I like to notice how the weather we get now can impact the weather we get a few days or a couple of weeks into the future. I find it interesting. A celebration, just gives me a fixed date to start looking at and watching how quickly the predicted weather changes from day to day.

Ok, you can all just put your eyebrows back down. I know I'm a nerd and a geek and I'm ok with that! So :P

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