Sunday, November 13, 2005

Web Comics

Every morning as I eat my bowl of wheat bran and mini-wheats and enjoy a glass of orange juice, I sit at my computer to read my email and read a small, but high quality collection of web comics. To add to this hallmark of geekiness, most of these comics are connected to video games or role playing games. Yes, I am that much of a nerd.

Most of these comics are ones that Lance found through his web wanderings, and then recommended to me. However, webcomic writers and artists do like to help each other out, and will link to other strips as well.

I won't go into all the details of the different comics that I read today (although I may sometime in the future). Today, I'm going to tell you just about one. It's probably one of the most accessible for the general public. It's also the newest addition to my folder of bookmarks. The comic is called Unshelved and here's why I like it.

First of all, the characters are all pretty geeky in a cool kind of way. They are perfectly ok with their role in the universe as library workers and nerds. So, I can identify with them a bit and the humour is fairly dry and cerebral, which I like. The stories I find pretty funny too. It's workplace, bookish, geeky humour. The cool feature that prompted me to post this blog entry about it though, is their weekend comic. Every weekend the comic sort of features a different book. It's really easy to get a summary of the book because it always has a library worker recommending a book to a customer. There is also usually a funny sort of joke at the end. But, as a book lover, I really enjoy hearing bits and pieces about new and different books that I might enjoy reading. It's making my reading list grow quite quickly and I like it! I hate being without reading material, and this webcomic, in addition to entertaining me, is also providing me with a seemingly endless list of book recommendations! It's great!


Starrlett said...

Hey, I love this webcomic, too! I've been reading Unshelved for a year now--of course, I'm also a geeky library student, so it makes sense, right? :-) Nice review.

Jenn said...

It makes total sense! Thanks for the comment. I can't believe someone actually reads this thing!

Bobbi Galvin said...

You would be amazed how true-to-life UNSHELVED is.
It's cool to know that every library has the same patrons in different skin -and even cooler to laugh about it.