Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Review: She Wins, You Win: The Most Important Rules Every Business Woman Needs to Know by Gail Evans

Ok, so I just finished this book. I read through it
pretty quickly because her writing style really goes
well with my information reading style. She has good
examples to illustrate her points but things are
generally pretty well laid out and easy to follow.
Plus, there is a definite and understandable structure
to the book. All things I like, and need in my
non-fiction works!

The content of the book doesn't sit exactly right with
me. Not to say I strongly disagree with what she
says. However, her message is a bit blunt and not
entirely applicable for my situation. Basically, she
says that all women need to play for the "woman's
team." Any success for a woman is a success for all
of us, and any failure is a failure for all of us.
Therefore we should stick together! After all, the
men do it, why shouldn't we?

One of the things that doesn't sit well with me in
taking in this information is that I haven't really
come across the "boys' club" that is prevalent in so
many larger corporations. The places I've worked have
always been divided by means other than gender. Plus,
I'll be frank . . . her message sounds a bit sexist to
me. After all, we want to be moving forward with men,
not in opposition to men. However, according to her,
most men won't really notice. Besides, her ideas
aren't really all that militant. Most of the book
focuses on ways to mentor and network among women.
Men often have their own patterns and rhythms and she
emphasizes that women need to start their own patterns
and rhythms that feel right for them. In her first
book (Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman--which I am
interested in reading also) she goes into the patterns
and 'rules of the game' that men have established
through generations of working in the business world.
That book is about teaching women to successfully
navigate through the rules. Her second book is about
women setting up their own rules and to make
themselves successful.

One of the things that I do agree with in the book is
trying to think of ways that the women I know can help
me. Also, when meeting knew people, seeing them as
potential allies. I may not need their help or
connections for 5 or 10 years, but one day, they may
just help me out.

So, what did I get out of the book? Basically, I need
to sit down and evaluate the strengths of my
connections. I know a wide variety of amazing
individuals. I started actually going through my list
of contacts and listing some of the strengths and
areas of expertise that these people possess, and I'm
quite impressed by them! Also, I'm determined to get
out and connect with more people. To introduce myself
to other people and learn a bit about what they do,
privately and professionally. We all know what they
say, there is strength in numbers!

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