Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thursday, 14 October 2004
Psoriasis Treatment - Update 3
Lately I've noticed a decrease in itching and redness. I'm not sure but I think a few spots are a bit smaller and look as though they are breaking up.

Breaking up is when a large spot starts to get smaller and actually divides into several smaller spots that, in turn, also start to shrink.

So far I'm just seeing a decrease in overall redness. One patch has dark spots in it, but the rest is a bit lighter, which makes me think it's going to start breaking up soon. This is very very good news to me.

I am also very thankful about the decreased itchiness! It is once again entering the realm of bearableness.

I have had no problems taking the oil regularly. That is greatly helped by the fact that it doesn't have a particularly strong taste.

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