Thursday, April 09, 2009

Full Pink Moon Dreamboard


Tonight we celebrate the Full Pink Moon along with Jamie Riddler at Starshyne Productions.

I’ve only participated once before, but I’ve been feeling particularly creative lately and wanting to try out a few new supplies and different techniques lately and this was a god opportunity.

What I want to be blossoming in my life right now has to do with this blog actually.  I’m in the process of setting up a new blog that will be hosted on my own domain.  It isn’t ready for a formal introduction just yet, but once it is I’ll be putting up links and sending everyone over to have a look around.  When it is fully set up, I don’t intend to come back to update this space anymore.  It was fun while it lasted, but I’d like a fresh start.  The new site will be a spot where I intend to live, share, and enjoy my geek flag.


Jamie said...

Wow, that really is the Full Pink Moon! So fresh and alive and beautiful!

I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation of your blog and all that this wonderful creative surge you're experiencing will bring!

Caroline said...

Fabulous pink dreaming!

Genie Sea said...

May the Full Pink Moon lushly bring your new blog home with all the abundance you want :) I am excited to see it :)

Kim said...

Cool pink dreamboard :-) Looking forward to your new site!!

Pink Heels said...

May all of your pink dreams come true!

Tiara said...

Good luck with your fresh start :)