Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – When the Bough Breaks

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One of the biggest differences between the original series Star Trek values and the Next Generation of Star Trek values, is the introduction of family.  In the original series, the crew was a family.  In The Next Generation, while the crew is very much a family to each other, they also have families on board the ship and this adds another array of issues to explore. 

This episode is a chance to demonstrate the importance of family connections to humanity.  Whenever children and families come into play in an episode it was always a good opportunity to show one of the weaknesses of Captain Picard, who is extremely uncomfortable around children.

The show also has a few cautionary messages about global warming, taking technology for granted, and that a great blessing/advantage can also be a great weakness/disadvantage as well.

Cool Gadgets/Science:

  • medical tricorder
  • planetary shield and cloak

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Genie Sea said...

I have been steadily reading your Star Trek reviews, and there is so many times I can say brilliant! Brilliant! :)