Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – Too Short a Season

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I really tried to like this episode, but I just find it kind of flat.  We do get to see the limitations that the Prime Directive places on people in situations of war and terrorism.  We get to see the implications and ripples that reach into the future when the Prime Directive is ‘interpreted differently’ as the character puts it. 

It also touches on the relative merits of age and wisdom vs. the vitality of youth and the issues that would arise if we really could turn back time and regain our youth. 

Fun Stuff:

  • . . .

I really tried to see some fun stuff but the episode is rather dry and dramatic.  Between the wheelchair, 40 years of civil war, and some bad acting by the guest stars, there really wasn’t much to geek out about.

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