Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – Justice

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Really, you don’t need to know much more than the title of this episode to get what it’s about. It’s a morality discussion that goes into all those issues of justice vs. fairness, one life vs. many, etc.

Despite all of those wonderful issues explored by this episode, I think that the Trek theme that I find most enjoyable is one that comes up most often when discussing classic Trek – the blatant display of scantily clad pretty people. It’s just part of the cheesy, campy fun of the Star Trek experience. People are usually quick to pin this kind of sensationalism on The Original Series, but The Next Generation had quite a bit of it as well. However, Next Generation suffered from 1980’s inspired future fashions that tend to blot out a lot of the other stuff.

Fun stuff from this episode:

  • Riker manages to impress another godlike entity with his line “When has justice ever been as simple as a rulebook?”

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