Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Star Trek: TNG Season 1 – Where No One Has Gone Before

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This episode is really packed with a lot of inspirational ideals that sum up a huge reason of why I love Star Trek so much.  This episode deals with the potential of humankind to do wonderful and awesome things.  It sends the message that the future and the power of human thought is really limitless.

When they are flung to the far reaches of the galaxy they find a place where thoughts really do become reality.  But, as The Traveler points out to them, we really do have the power to shape reality with our thoughts.  Our thoughts are the basis for reality and we do create our own realities with the power of our thoughts.  “Space and time and thought are not the separate things we think.”  Quote from Wesley Crusher.

The other great thing that is brought up in this episode is the spirit of curiosity and exploration.  Not only is The Traveler on a journey across galaxies because he is curious about humankind and wants to explore their race and learn about them, but when the crew discovers how lost they are, it is suggested that this is also a wonderful opportunity to explore and see what no other Federation crew has seen before.

Fun stuff from this episode:

  • It is demonstrated that science, when sufficiently advances, is indecipherable from magic
  • We get to hear a sort of prophecy about Wesley Crusher’s future potential.  His character arc is eventually brought back to this early prophecy.
  • Wesley is made an acting Ensign and becomes part of the crew.
  • Co-written by Diane Duane, who has written several Star Trek books along with a Wizard series that I read and loved when I was young.

Cool Science:

  • Warp propulsion
  • Phasing

Race Intro: The Traveler

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ginabad said...

Ha! Tonight this epi aired on Scifi (unbeknownst to us) and though we rarely watch it, I just HAD to thanks to your post! Good episode. Too funny...