Friday, December 26, 2008

Star Trek Movie Discussion & Star Trek TV Show Project

Star Trek Movie Blog Discussion

When I saw this post by Shannon, the Movie Moxie, I knew I would just have to play along.  Those that know me and my husband know that we are huge Star Trek fans!  So, leading up the release of the newest Trek incarnation, Shannon is going to be watching the Star Trek films in order and talking about them.  I love Star Trek and so I decided to play along and post my thoughts here on this blog.  Not only will I get a chance to put down some of my thoughts on the Star Trek universe, but it will also give me some stronger motivation to fill in the gaps in our movie collection.  (We started buying them one at a time so if we bought the nice shiny box set, we’d have a lot of duplicates.  We are still missing Star Trek I and Star Trek IV and when we acquire these, we’ll have to rearrange our Star Trek shelf as it won’t fit perfectly anymore.)

Star Trek TV Show Project

The talk of the Star Trek movies got me thinking about the TV series again.  My husband and I watched The Original Series in 2008 and were going to continue on with The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (yes, we own all of those on DVD).  So, since we decided not to travel in bad weather and stayed home from Christmas dinner, we popped in season 1 of The Next Generation.  As I was watching, I thought about how much I enjoy the Star Trek philosophy and discussing it with my husband and that I should expand this to share with others as well.  So, I came up with the idea for a (rather large) project. 

As we watch each episode I’m going to take notes on what themes emerge that I find inspirational or admirable along with some other fun stuff as well, and then blog it.  I’ve already got notes on several episodes, but I’m going to schedule the posts so that I don’t flood the blog.  If Star Trek isn’t your thing, then you can definitely skip the posts.  But, I don’t intend them to be very long and I won’t be discussing much about the plot of each episode or production details.  Some things that I will be including will be highlighting any ‘Cool Gadgets/Science’ and throwing in some ‘Fun Facts.’  My first post should be up soon.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm so excited you are not only playing along but also having some fun with TNG as well.

I'm hoping to buy the series on DVD at some point. I always look at them on my wish list *just* in case the price goes down, hehe.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh isn't life as a Trekkie awesome? I watched the movies the last couple of days on Space. I'm really looking forward to Sylar from Heroes play Spock in the upcoming movie.

Genie Sea said...

Did someone say Star Trek! Beam me over Scotty!