Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Arcade Cabinet Pictures

We finally got a few pictures of the arcade cabinet uploaded to my flickr account, so I thought I'd post a few here. I'll have to take the concept drawing for the side art and upload that as well since it looks really cool! (L designed all the side art stuff himself).

This is just some of the sample colours that we are going to be using. The dark colour will go on the bottom and a gold colour on the top. It doesn't really show up well in the picture, but the paint has a texture to it.

The cabinet is finally being transformed from a pile of wood cut in strange shapes, to an arcade cabinet. It's making the project a lot more real to me. But, we still have a lot of work to do! The control panel especially will be a lot of work. But, that will be more of a one person show since it's a much smaller piece. Hopefully it can be done under cover so our working time won't be quite so weather dependent as it is right now.

You can kind of see from this picture how dark it is outside already. When we go there after work, we usually arrive 6-ish and start getting things set up. L's mom will sometimes fix us dinner (if we've given her notice that we're definitely coming) otherwise it's takeout (note to self - go for a long run tomorrow morning). To set things up we have to pull out tarps and assemble the tools we are using. By this point in the building process, we have most of the random tools that we need assembled into one place, but for a while we were having to go find something, buy something, or see if L's dad had something like 'x,' 'y,' or 'z' in his collection. Then we need to remember where we were at and what we can do next.

We do as much work as we can as quickly as we can. In the gluing stage now we have some pauses where we need to let the glue do its thing for about a half an hour. Once we've got the two halves more or less assembled, we'll have to put the final coats of primer and base coat on, and then we'll be spray painting. The final side artwork can probably be done at our place. We'll also have to drill ventilation holes and prepare the control panel, not to mention build a shelf for the computer monitor to sit on, connect all the computer-y bits, and move the whole thing over to our place.

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