Saturday, August 02, 2008

Letting Go on Lammas

Wow, it's been about a month since I last posted. I'll apologize in advance if this isn't your thing, but it's another post about a ritual. If you aren't interested, there are no shortage of other blogs to read.

I've yet to join in for a full moon dreamboard but I did a ritual for the recent new moon. This time, the ritual focused on letting go. Since this new moon was Lammas - a festival of harvest, it was time to harvest the dreams that have been sown and also time to let go of dreams that aren't growing.

I took another salt bath to purify and used a sugar scrub that I bought to try out. Then I got right down to it and wrote out all the things that I needed to let go of right now. I started off ringing the chime that we have. I love how clear and pure it sounds. When we were traveling in Japan on the Johnnie Hillwalker tour, Johnnie explained that in Shinto shrines, they ring a bell or clap to get the attention of the spirit that you're praying to. So, it felt very appropriate to ring the chime as I'm declaring all the things that I'm setting myself free from.

Here's the list of things that I'm letting go of:

  • all my false beliefs and my mass society generated desires
  • my dream to fit in
  • 115 lbs as the perfect number for me
  • teaching in a classroom
  • the idea that managing my time will create more of it
  • the idea that I will ever be finished
  • my dream of gracefulness or poise
  • the cult of 'the last.' Saving that last piece or bit of something. Or the nice things that are 'too nice' to be used. I wrote my list on a piece of stationary I'd saved for at least 10 years!
  • holding out and waiting for tomorrow so that I can fully embrace today!


Sacred Suzie said...

Wonderful! I love this post oh and doing a sugar rub? Genius! Those are so easy to make yourself too and are perfect for this ritual.

Your choices for letting go are very varied and thought provoking. I think I need to also let go of trying to fit in. Interesting about the teaching in class room idea...

Thank you so much for participating! I hope it has helped to make you feel lighter and better.

Jenn said...

The teaching bit comes from the fact that I am a teacher. I'm just working as an insurance broker. But, it doesn't look like teaching in an actual classroom is the right thing for me right now. So, I'm not giving up on teaching altogether, since it can happen in many different ways.

Dianne said...

I love your list. It seems to focus on embracing where you are right now, which seems like a great idea to me :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Hey Jenn, what's going on? I see your comments and come here to visit you and I have no idea where you've been! LOL. You've had some hot days this summer, how odd eh? I promise to share my photos of a NS fall with you so you really get to see autumn in action.