Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Great Board Game Giveaway!

We've been ruthlessly decluttering our junk here as of late and the latest victim of the purges has been our board game collection. I thought I'd give friends the first dibs on any of our old board games before they go to the thrift store. I've tracked down appropriate link descriptions where available. If you are interested in inheriting one of our game refugees, then you can email me/Lance or comment on the blog. I'll try to update the post when/if anything gets adopted.

  • Twister - never been played
  • Sceptre 1027 AD - never been played by us, but it's a more complex chess game playable by up to 4 players.
  • IQ 2000 - a trivia game where you must use your staggering IQ in order to travel through the solar system to each of the planets. This one was played by Kim and myself when we were younger.
  • Risk - I think our version might have one of the original map layouts since it's probably about 20 years old.
  • Balderdash - party game.
  • Boggle - missing an egg timer, but otherwise brand new.
  • Guess Who? - in very good shape with all of the cards.
  • Supremacy - Lance has finally lost all hopes of getting another game going again.


Yehuda said...

You don't know me, but I'd be interested in the Sceptre game. Let me know when it becomes available. Thanks.

Sacred Suzie said...

What a cool idea! I love that you're finding a home for your games online. Right now we have more games than we know what to do with but thank you so much for that offer! What a sweetie you are.

Kim said...

Although I will have to have a moment of silence for the departing of IQ 2000, I don't want it! I will take Guess Who? and Balderdash, however :-)

Jenn said...

Gah! The problem with this being posted in multiple places is when multiple people ask for the same game. I just gave Guess Who to someone else, but Balderdash is all yours Kim.

Jenn said...

Just so people know, anything not claimed by Monday June 9th is going to be given away to charity.

@yehuda - I'll check what shipping prices are and see if we can work something out.

John said...

This is probably too late, and I am the second one to ask, but if you still have the Sceptre 1027 A.D., I would love to have it.

Jenn said...

I should have updated with a comment a while ago . . . yeah, the board games are long gone, they all got passed on to better homes. Good luck tracking down a copy of your own!