Friday, June 27, 2008

Ghost Dream

Last night I had a dream that involved a ghost. It wasn't exactly a nightmare, but I still consider it a "bad dream" because it was very difficult to calm my mind down afterward and get back to sleep.

The dream started off with a very real situation - me and my husband were upstairs and I decided to go down to the kitchen and do some cleaning because we are having company over this weekend. I was going to start by cleaning the sink. It has some spots that looked like they might have been residue from baking soda in the sink or something. I filled the sink with a bit of hot soapy water and then grabbed the kitchen sponge to do some scrubbing. I leaned over the water resting my elbows on the bit of counter in front of the sink.

The spots were not coming off easily and for some reason I knew it was because there was a ghost sitting in my sink. I sighed and in a very clear mental and verbal whisper told the ghost "Go." And boy was there a reaction! Suddenly the ghost leaped out of the sink. I'm not sure if I was just being held by it or if it was trying to get inside me, but all around my upper body it was as though I was caught in a gust of very strong wind. It was so strong that I couldn't speak or even breath out much - like when you're falling or going down a roller coaster. I was even being pushed back and lifted off the ground several feet. I remember looking down at my kitchen sink and trying with every fiber of my being to call out for help so my husband would come downstairs. But, for several seconds (in which I didn't feel terrified nor did I feel any kind of emotional energy from the ghost) I was immobile and unable to speak. Then I mustered my will and whispered "Go" a second time and the ghost left. I fell to the kitchen floor and that's when I woke up.

Thankfully, it wasn't the kind of wake up where you're covered in sweat and your heart is pounding. That would have been a nightmare, which I hate. But, I was suddenly awake and alert and my powerful imagination was making all sorts of shapes in the shadows everywhere. So, I tried to rationalize and remind myself that I was safe at home in bed and that I wasn't actually feeling any presence, I was just seeing shapes. But, that got my mind started thinking about all kinds of things. Every time I tried to relax myself I became aware of all the shadows again. So, it took me some time to get back to sleep. And, then I woke up early still thinking about the dream and realizing that it was garbage day and I had to take the garbage out :(


Kim said...

Wow, sounds like a powerful dream! Sorry you had trouble sleeping afterwards!

Sacred Suzie said...

It makes me wonder if this is more about personal boundaries than ghosts? Perhaps you are hesitant to say no/go in waking life for fear of being attacked? The good news is, it listened to you the second time. I think this is a very empowering dream! You didn't give in. You still banished it.

You may want to consider doing a cleansing but at the same time, it sounds like you're doing a good job and getting rid of those negative influences!

mermaid musings said...

i love learning about other's dreams, thank you for sharing it! it is the most fascinating thing to me (dreams) all kind of them.