Friday, February 15, 2008

6 Random Things

Are you happy sis? I'm finally updating my blog. And, it's a fairly banal post about 6 random things. I'm going to break the rules though, and I'm not tagging anyone. If you see this and think it's fun, then go ahead and pick up the torch and do your own random things post. If you need more inspiration you can check out Dianne's post or my sister Kim's post.

1. I am fascinated by the weather. When we had free trial cable, I watched the weather channel more consistently than anything else (except perhaps live sports - it WAS the play-offs people). I'd like to have a good camera and take good weather pictures, but we mostly only get deep clouds here and I don't have any good open sky views deep in the labyrinthine heart of suburbia that I call home.

2. I enjoy consistency with my meals. I like to eat the same breakfast pretty much every day. I went for almost a decade dining each morning on Cheerios (in actual fact, I had a fairly high number of lunches, dinners, and snacks that were Cheerios too). I can eat almost the exact same lunch every day and I'm ok with that too. Dinner needs a bit more variety, but not too much. I think it's just because I'm so lazy about thinking up different meals and things to eat.

3. I am a very contrary (read: frustrating) person. I am a terribly story-teller who wants to be a writer. I am a feminist who gets serious anxiety that I'm not a good enough wife because I don't cook and clean enough for my husband. And, even though I don't get particularly excited about food and cooking, I still can't stop myself from overeating or eating unhealthy foods.

4. I suffer from what one of my online friends calls 'doormatism.' Someone asks something and my reflex is to accommodate them. Even what it isn't really convenient for me or when I'd prefer to arrange it differently, I am stuck being boring, dependable Jenn.

5. I am a terrible family member. I never stop by and I rarely call or write. I don't like holiday or event cards, but I also don't even phone on their birthdays.

6. I attract insanely bad drivers. Unfortunately the really freaky weird situations always happen when I'm alone and have no one to corroborate my story. This does nothing to lessen my driver anxiety.

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Kim said...

Yes, now I'm happy that you updated your blog. And yes, you are sometimes frustrating, but that's why we love you :-)