Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CAIB 4 - Week 4 Goals

Part of the reason I added the CAIB week markers on my Google calendar was to keep me more accountable. I haven't been doing too well so far with that. Part of that has been the fact that it's very difficult to motivate oneself to study, if you aren't sure if you've got the right material to read. But, I have made some progress and hopefully the most current textbook will arrive soon!

So far I have done the following to prepare myself . . .

  • reviewed the basic chapter outlines from the old book
  • made detailed chapter outlines from 2 of the chapters that seem to be the same as the new material
  • begun reading one of the over-lapping chapters
Here's what I'd like to do for Week 4 . . .

  • complete the detailed chapter outlines for the remaining over-lapping chapters
  • read 2 more over-lapping chapters
  • read 2 of the case studies from the old text book
Once the textbook gets here, I'll be doing more tasks like practicing answering questions, and detailed note-taking, but for now I think this will help me to get generally familiar with the material. Unfortunately, I think some of my more interesting recreational reading will suffer. I'm going to try to finish my latest novel before it gets too intense though.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing CAIB! My own Big Scary Test CAIB 4 is coming up and I was wondering, do the questions stick pretty much to what's discussed in the text book?

Jenn said...


I think that so long as you are following the concepts and discussion questions from the textbook you should be fine. Can't remember too clearly since it was a while back and I tend to forget the details I don't need to know pretty quickly.

Good luck with your big scary test!