Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ok, so my finger is already doing much better! It's still bruised and swollen, but I've got much better movement and it isn't AS sore as it was before.

However, my injuries were at their worst on my days off, and now I'm back to work until Sunday rolls around again. Plus, my job has different cycles of work that I have to do. We send out renewal letters that remind people when their car insurance is due. My job involves data verification, so we don't misinform our clients, and the actual stuffing and posting of the letters. We average about a thousand each month. Right now, it's the data verification portion of the cycle which involves a lot of typing. So, needless to say with the finger still being a bit sore I've been avoiding any unnecessary typing.

I'm in the midst of trying to catch up to various emails, etc. but the elusive blog post I've been teasing about may continue to elude us all until my next set of days off, Sunday-Tuesday.

Other things that are keeping me awake nights and/or up too early . . .

I am studying like mad for my next CAIB exam that I write on Valentine's Day. I <3 CAIB!

Training has just started for the Sun Run and my feet already have blisters. Luckily, my fingers have no impact on my ability to run.

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