Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tenants and Condos

Today I just wrote my 5th new personal lines file in two weeks. They've all been either tenants package or a condo package so they are pretty straightforward. I'm getting pretty darn good at starting up new client files now. Plus, I'm getting much better at remembering to ask all the important questions. Very important when you are creating a promise that could cost a company a million dollars!

Tonight is another holiday party that I'm looking forward to very much. There should be obscene amounts of food there and a lot of people to talk to and mingle with as well. The hockey game will undoubtably be on, but I haven't been following much hockey lately so I'm not sure how much I'll be paying attention to that.

Tomorrow will be another holiday party dedicated to making gingerbread houses! Yum-my! A bit more casual and definitely a smaller and more intimate affair. It should be fun too.

Then we should get a small bit of a breather before any other holiday festivities. Both Lance and I will need a bit of rest and re-charge time. Luckily, we only have one more present to purchase and 3 or 4 more presents to wrap for Christmas. The rest are sitting in a little pile in the corner. Plus, his next CGA course doesn't officially start until January and I have yet to track down the book for my next course (I may need to order a new copy). So the week really should be very restful.

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