Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crafty Round-Up

Ok, so here's one of the long-awaited and much-anticipated 'quality' posts. I've been inspired by tonight's plans for some Christmas crafting with my crafty friends to do a round-up of some of my favourite crafting websites.

Crafty Blogs
-Bella Dia - She hasn't updated the site in a while, (which can actually be a good thing) but it looks like when she does post, the instructions are great! She photographs certain steps so you can really see what to do, which is very important for the more visual people out there. Plus, I love the feet picture!

-Bloody Crafts - This blog updates more frequently but most of it is simply pictures of what's going on over there. The blog is written by someone in Berlin and I find the ESL English rather adorable. Lots of great ideas here for crafts that are a bit non-traditional in their theme. If you really like what you see she sells her creations in a store.

-Angry Chicken - This is a more traditional blog where it's just an ordinary crafter posting about her different crafts that she produces. She has two adorable girls and involves them in some of her projects too. Plus, she makes clothes for them which are absolutely adorable. Also has a store where you can buy her creations.

-Thimble - This gal has a store front where her creations are sold too. Her blog expands a bit beyond just crafting and she tells you about her vintage apron collection and her searches for interesting fabrics. She also has a monthly subscription thing in which she makes series of buttons and you can subscribe for a certain length of time to receive each month's buttons. A cool idea if you like to collect all sorts of interesting buttons. I find her also just very interesting to read about. She is Canadian and has family in the Lower Mainland. She also is vegetarian and posts recipes sometimes which look really yummy!


Now for some sites that are more like crafting Ezines . . .

-The AntiCraft - I've emailed my crafty friends this link before and I'm so glad that I did! One of them submitted an idea for their upcoming book and it was accepted so she's going to be published! Anyway, this magazine comes out with projects that are non-traditional in theme, but traditional in their craft. They range from easy to difficult and have some very interesting stuff to check out.

-Whipup - This site operates as a group effort with contributions from readers, ask and answer posts, plus articles submitted by crafting bloggers. They tip you off to great tutorials on other sites, or comment on a wide variety of crafting pursuits. Every month they have a themed contest that you can submit your own crafty creations to. The prizes for the contest are crafty things (of course).

-CRAFT - This project is an offshoot of the zine called MAKE and both appeal to me for similar reasons. I guess I've just always loved working with my hands. CRAFT is also available in a print edition and you can become a subscriber to either. However, there are lots of awesome ideas available with no subscription whatsoever. Lots of great ideas and they sometimes have podcasts too. I love the "goth my ride" picture on the homepage. You just have to check it out! Scroll through the main pictures to find it. Unfortunately, it looks like that particular feature is for subscribers only.

Anyway, there you have it. Enjoy! I may do another post with some more specific crafting references in the future, time-permitting of course. If you have a link that follows the same theme, feel free to leave it in the comments!

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