Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Normally, I like to be very organized when it comes to Christmas and Christmas gifts. Lance and I both prefer to get most of our Christmas stuff done in advance because so much of our time close to Christmas is spent visiting our friends and family and we'd rather spend time enjoying that and relaxing than rushing around malls and worrying that we might not find that special something for so-and-so whom we had forgotten about.

This year though has been different. One of the things I started doing was keeping notes on certain people. If they mentioned something that would be useful or expressed interest in a certain something, then I would make a little note of it. Or if something occurred to me as I was surfing online or walking on the treadmill, I would make another little note of it. So, this year, I actually had a list of gift ideas for each and every person on my list.

However, the other different thing this year is that with the courses we've both been taking, we haven't had a chance to actually go Christmas shopping. I was seriously beginning to go into panic mode. When I was thinking about it I would start to tense up and worry about not being able to find one of the gifts I wanted to get.

So, today was the first day that we could actually take some time and go Christmas shopping and shop we did. We managed to get several of our gifts finished off, and a few of the people whose gifts we hadn't decided on yet, we finally chose what we would get for them. I feel very relieved. We also finally finished off our Christmas letter so that can be enclosed in some Christmas cards and mailed off. I'll also post it on my blog, but I'll do that closer to Christmas itself.

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Kim said...

Wahoo! Doesn't it feel good to have your shopping well under way? Keeping notes on people is a good idea . . . it makes me wonder what kind of notes you've kept about me!