Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Letter 2006

I started this last year, with the intention of writing letters more regularly. Well, I guess we all need to break at least one resolution each year, so that one was mine. But, I did manage to get another brief letter done up for 2006 giving a summary of our highlights. Enjoy!

Dear Friends and Family,

The part of Christmas we look forward to most is connecting with our friends and family. We hope that the holiday season brings you as much happiness as it does to our family!

The beginning of 2006 started off very busy. We were in the midst of planning our wedding and preparing to become homeowners. By twist of fate, both events landed within one week of the other. But both events went smoothly and we wouldn't have changed a thing.

We spent our honeymoon at Akumal Beach Resort. The warm clear water and all-inclusive food and drinks helped us to get some much needed relaxation. Much of the trip was spent enjoying the weather, fastidiously re-applying sunscreen, and reading on the beach.

Once we returned home we set to unpacking from our move. And even though the townhouse was brand new, there were still a lot of home improvement projects we wanted to get done: we refinished a pair of tables we had inherited from our parents, and we finished the garage and transformed it into a gym. Our next project is adding better lighting in the house, to chase away the dark winter nights.

In 2005 we tried out boxing and enjoyed it so much we decided we wanted to get back into it at our first opportunity. Unfortunately, our original instructor was no longer teaching the course. We decided to change things up a bit and signed up for kick boxing instead! The instructor is fantastic and we both enjoy the class immensely.

In addition to all the painting, sawing, drilling, and electrical skills we are learning, we are both continuing to further our studies. Jenn is pursuing insurance courses so that she can work unsupervised in an insurance
office. Once able to do that, it will make for an easier transition to a teacher-on-call position with the school board. Lance has started the CGA program and has his nose in the books every chance he gets.

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