Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tips on Going to the Dentist

Two whole posts in one night! Amazing! This one will be a quick one though. My recent dentist appointment had me in a bit of an anxious state. Not only was I worried about the health of my teeth and gums, I was also worried about making the experience as easy and painless as possible. I found myself thinking a lot about those little things I shouldn't forget. So, I've done some tips for other women on their way to the dentist.

1) Don't forget to brush and floss. Not just the day of either! If you are brushing and flossing regularly, you will have much less to stress out about and less guilt too! But, it's also handy to throw your brush and some toothpaste in your purse along with a little floss (hello travel size!) for some last minute freshening up.

2) Bring along your insurance paperwork and be familiar with the procedure. Do you need to pay first and get reimbursed or is it automatically covered. Will you need to bring along a plan number in order for the dentist to fill out the forms correctly? Do you know how much is covered and what kinds of things are covered? You don't want to be in the chair with someone's fingers in your mouth listening to them tell you about a certain procedure and not be sure if you'll be covered for it or not.

3) Have something to do while you wait. Bring a book or magazine (unless you enjoy the often outdated selection). Don't sit and chat on your cell phone the whole time unless you want to annoy the other people in the waiting room (including the receptionist). Texting is ok as long as you don't feel the need to laugh out loud at the messages. Grab some mail to sort or bring along your agenda to organize your upcoming time.

4) Consider your makeup. Unless you want bright lipstick smeared across your cheek as the hygenist wiggles that floss between your back molars, stick with some clear gloss or a balm. If you must wear lipstick, remove it with a kleenex before your appointment and reapply afterwards. Also remember that sometimes during polishing/flossing, little flecks land on your face so bring touch up according to your preference.

5) Plan your meals and beverages. No eating or drinking after a cleaning so make sure you eat enough before hand that you won't pass out from hunger after your appointment.

6) Be nice to the receptionist. She has the power to accomodate your schedule. Or not.

7) Rethink that centre ponytail hairdo!


Dynamitedianne said...

One more tip: if you really put on a panic show, the Dr will prescribe a nice tranquilizer, like Ativan. It makes the whole experience much nicer! :P

(After bad times with a dentist who didn't believe in providing sufficient freezing and got mad when I said it hurt too much, my new dentist saw the need to make sure I wasn't going to freak out when he came at me with a drill. What a winner!)

Kim said...

Like the tips, particularly the one about the center ponytail! So, how did the appointment go?

Jenn said...

My dental appointment went A-Ok! I didn't care much for the hygenist though. I didn't think she really polished as thoroughly as she could have. Plus, she didn't give me very much flouride at all! When she first brought it out I thought the little cup was empty.

Dianne - ouch! I once had a very small superficial cavity filled without freezing and it wasn't too pleasant at all.