Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My slippers are lepers

Last year at Christmas, my husband bought me a pair of lovely blue slippers. I've been wearing them all year long, and I guess it shows. Now they are falling apart. The hard plastic bottom has cracked and bits and pieces turn up all over our house. I guess it comes from me running up and down the stairs all the time. But, as if that weren't enough, the padding and foam have also started falling apart and off of my slipper. Yesterday as I was walking I heard a bit of an extra "thwack." I turned around and about half the sole padding was behind me on our laminate floor. In light of their deterioration, one of my new craft projects is to crochet myself some new slippers. But, since I can't do anything the simple way, I'm using some yarn from an old sweater I've got. The sweater is still in tact though, so I have to unravel it, wash it, and then ball it first.

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